Happy New Year!

Posted by Adam Glantz on December 31, 2009

Wishing all of our readers a Happy and a Healthy New Year.

News of the Day

Posted by Adam Glantz on December 29, 2009
Social Network Ad Spending Jumps in ’09 and Will Keep Rising

Revenue hasn’t been as fast to change as end-user sentiment, but all that looks like it’s coming to an end next year. Social networking site Facebook, which passed 350 million users last month, is poised to move ahead of rival MySpace in ad revenue in 2010, according to a report from eMarketer. The research firm expects Facebook to rake in $605 million in ad spend next year, compared to $385 million for MySpace, which is a News Corp. (NWS) property.

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Publishers Ready to Admit Web Ads Don’t Work

The days of reading online content for free while blissfully skimming over those ubiquitous display ads may be drawing to a close, as several major publishers are considering charging for online content in the coming year, The New York Times reports. The New York Times and Hulu are among a group of popular online publishers that might take the plunge into paid content in 2010. Simultaneously, a consortium of magazine publishers is trying to create an iTunes-like store by which to distribute content online, according to the Times.

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Semantic Targeting: No Cookies? No Problem
Semantic targeting is coming to be seen as the next generation of online advertising technology. While it is certainly compatible with predecessor technologies, like contextual and behavioral targeting, semantics avoids some of the pitfalls that plague both of these technologies. In particular, the industry is currently taking a close look at the privacy concerns associated with behavioral targeting, which may severely limit its growth potential as a valuable solution for targeting ads.
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News of the Day

Posted by Pramod Tummala on December 28, 2009

More Firing than Hiring at Ad Agencies

When you look at agency employment since the recession started, there aren’t many reasons to stay positive. Ad-agency jobs in October 2009 were down 14% from the recession’s December 2007 start — a loss of 26,300 jobs, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Agency employment from January 2009 to October 2009 alone fell from 175,300 to 161,500, or nearly 8%.

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Top Digital Trends of 2010

As a rough 2009 draws to a close, the digital marketing world is looking ahead to 2010, hoping to deliver stronger growth in the sector, which is one of the few bright spots in the media world. What lies ahead? We identified 10 trends that are sure to make waves in 2010.

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Why 2010 Will be the Year of Automated Media Buying

In the past year, three of the top-ten search players have charted new courses. Yahoo began the process of handing its search over to Microsoft. AOL, once a top search destination, hopes to re-emerge as a next-generation content network. IAC’s Barry Diller has openly hinted at (albeit backpedaled from) dropping Ask from his roster of companies.

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