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By Pramod Tummala   |   Posted at 1:17 pm on August 10, 2012   |   No Comments

MediaMath and Maxifier Partner to Bring Programmatic Buying to Japan

August 7, 2012, Tokyo – Maxifier, the global leader in inventory revenue management technology, and MediaMath, the leading digital media-buying platform company, today announced a new partnership whereby Maxifier and MediaMath will bring a combined end-to-end programmatic buying platform to the Japanese market.   Maxifier’s leadership team, with deep experience in the online advertising technology market in Japan, will be leading business development for the platform as well as managing and providing first line support to clients adopting it. At the same time, MediaMath will be establishing dedicated Japanese resources based in the US to work alongside Maxifier to deliver to the needs of the Japanese clients.

“Increasingly we are being asked for advice by Japanese companies as to which US businesses and technologies they should be working to add value to their current offering.” commented Denise Colella, Chief Revenue Officer at Maxifier. “In the past we have been more than happy to recommend MediaMath as a ‘best of breed’ buy-side platform. This partnership represents a formalising of our relationship with MediaMath and choosing Maxifier to represent them is recognition of the esteem in which our Japan team is held across the adtech market there.”

“Although we are working with a number of Japanese clients already, Japan is a tremendous opportunity that requires local experience and expertise.” said Eoin Townsend, Chief Strategy Officer at MediaMath. “In reviewing our market entry options we felt the best route to quickly build our Japanese business would be to partner with Maxifier as they have the knowledge, experience, key relationships and market trust to help drive adoption of our TerminalOne platform.”

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How Publishers Can Stand Out in the Programmatic Arena

Welcome to “Brand Aware,” a column from the marketer’s point-of-view on the data-driven, digital ad ecosystem and written by Bob Arnold, Associate Director of Global Digital Strategy at Kellogg Company.

I’ve never worked in the publishing industry. I’ve been on the marketer side of the equation for my entire career, so I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know the ins and outs of what publishers do. I’m writing this column to share a marketer’s point of view on potential areas of opportunity that may exist for publishers to demonstrate value and points of differentiation within the programmatic space.

Many web publishers fear the programmatic space, and understandably so, since it’s a disruptive change to the legacy of the ad buy and selling model. They fear programmatic buying is simply a race to the bottom, but it doesn’t have to be that way.   I’m willing to pay for value. I know that like all advertising, there is a certain amount of waste in programmatic buying — I just don’t know where and how to exactly measure it. Frankly, that can lead marketers on a race to the bottom. If we don’t know how to value the inventory, then we are simply going to buy the cheapest CPM. The opportunity now is for publishers to clearly demonstrate the value they bring to the advertiser. The days of calling content “premium” just because there is a premium price are coming to an end.

Here are some ideas that could potentially be used by publishers to prove they are “premium.”  Note, these thoughts are simply that — they still need to be tested and vetted.

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