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Collective and Targeted Victory Partner Together for Enhanced and Targeted Political Advertising Campaigns

ALEXANDRIA, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Premier digital marketing agency Targeted Victory announced today that they are forming a strategic partnership with Collective, Inc., a leading full service provider of media and technology solutions for display and video advertising.

Collective will leverage its technology stack to include its ad network platform for video and display, proprietary audience intelligence and data sciences, the Ensemble group for Rich Media execution, Interactive pre-roll and Collective’s proprietary content and pre-roll platform.

In addition, Collective has integrated Targeted Victory’s industry leading Audience Targeting Platform (ATP) into Collective’s Audience Cloud. ATP integrates and digitizes traditional consumer and political data online, allowing clients to access more precise levels of targeting than most traditional media campaigns. This translates into a more efficient, effective system for managing digital ad campaigns at scale.

The partnership is multifaceted and will further allow Targeted Victory to build out granular targeting audiences while also measuring campaign lift and compelling creative.

“We are very excited to be teaming up with Collective in order to continue improving upon the online advertising products we offer our clients. We know that the electorate is consuming more and more of their information and video content from the internet rather than traditional mediums, like television, radio and print media. Reaching these individuals is critical to the success of any political or non-political campaign and the partnership between Targeted Victory and Collective will go a long way toward delivering the correct message to the right individual in the most effective way possible.”

“Online political advertising is becoming significantly more strategic than in the past and Collective is at the cutting edge of incorporating data sciences and extreme precision targeting into the mix. “Collective is excited to partner with Targeted Victory and to be part of an important component of their campaign’s media and creative strategy” said Bill Caspare, SVP of Strategic Alliances at Collective.

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TrueView Ad Format Gives Mobile Advertisers A Break

Google’s YouTube plans to give viewers the option to skip video ads they don’t want to view on their mobile device — and advertisers another reason to consider multichannel campaigns.

The TrueView in-stream video ad format does not require advertisers to pay for the impression if the viewer skips the ad on mobile devices within the first five seconds. For smartphones, that can make sense.

The limited ad formats available to publishers on smaller screens can make it a difficult sell to brands without an incentive. The ad format, introduced in late 2010 for the desktop, requires 20 seconds of viewing on the desktop before brands pay.

Phil Farhi, group product manager, admits that YouTube just began testing TrueView on mobile, but early indications suggest people engage with these ads in the same way they do on the desktop. The ads are managed through AdWords for Video.

The launch of TrueView comes after YouTube introduced Promoted Video ads, tied to suggested videos based on a viewer’s search, In-Stream ads and 15-second pre-rolls for mobile last year.

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