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Google Expands Remarketing to All AdWords Accounts

Google is expanding its retargeting program, available in beta since March 2009, to all AdWords accounts. The move gives thousands of small advertisers the ability to target non-converting prospects and other site visitors through display ad inventory on Google Content Network sites they later visit. Google began its retargeting trial a year ago as part of its interest-based advertising program. With that program, Google began maintaining behavioral profiles of users based on their Web activity (but not their search history). It also began offering about 500 beta advertisers the ability to track site visitors via a Google cookie and then retarget those users – a practice Google calls “remarketing” – on sites in the Google Content Network. Beta program participants included Infinity, Samsung, and InterContinental Hotels Group. In addition to retargeting their own site visitors, AdWords users can reach out to individuals who have interacted with their brand on YouTube, including either their YouTube brand channels or a YouTube homepage ad. Samsung said it was able to reach more than 100,000 users who interacted with its YouTube homepage ad on Valentine’s Day. Infiniti meanwhile used remarketing to drive awareness of its G Coupe and QX SUV series models during the NCAA March Madness tournament, in conjunction with its television advertising. And InterContinental substantially increased the size of its investment in remarketing, according to Google.

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It’s Not Just The iPads That Are Pre-Selling; The Ads Are Going Too

Here’s some good news for publishers reeling from a horrific 2009: Ad units on the iPad are attracting big-name advertisers. The NYT reports that a high-end credit card company has purchased its iPad ad inventory for the device’s first two months on the market, while brands, like FedEx and Buick, are buying ads on the apps of other publications, including the WSJ, Newsweek, Time (NYSE: TWX) and Reuters (NYSE: TRI). The NYT says the going rate is $75,000 to $300,000 “for a few months of exclusivity” on one of these apps. That sounds respectable since—while there are signs that iPad pre-sales are off to a good start—it’s unclear how popular the device will really be. And, of course, that’s the big caveat here since, in the long-term, whether iPad ad sales can help offset declining print ad and even online ad sales, will depend on the device’s adoption. One other nugget for iPad watchers in the story: The WSJ’s app may cost $17.99 a month. As Staci points out, that’s a slight premium to the $14.99 a month the WSJ charges for a subscription on the Kindle.

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Connexus To Merge With Epic Advertising

Connexus Corporation — owner of online ad network and social media company Traffic Marketplace — on Wednesday announced plans to merge with performance marketing company Epic Advertising. The combined company plans to provide various digital marketing services, from brand-building to customer acquisition. By combining their technology platforms, the companies expect to launch an integrated demand-side ad platform for clients. Given the increasing complexity and specialized nature of digital advertising, agencies can’t have too many resources, according to Don Mathis, CEO of Epic Advertising — formerly AzoogleAds. “Delivering successful digital advertising campaigns requires scale, technology and execution,” he said. “Scale is reach and scale begets data … And data begets relevance for the advertisers’ campaigns.” The Traffic Marketplace technology platform integrates data from multiple sources in an effort to increase relevance for advertisers, with a specialty in correlating intent-based data to improve its targeting and analytics. Epic’s technology, meanwhile, attempts to leverage a patent-pending approach to improving the effect of brand-focused campaigns on customer acquisition programs. The company claims to work with 45,000 advertisers and publishers in the United States and abroad.

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