What Our Candidates Are Saying

  • "Working with Jeff and Jobdot was an absolute pleasure! Jeff is all about dedication to the people he works with and really made me feel as if I was his only priority. The entire process couldn't have flowed more smoothly and all bases were covered from preparation to execution. As a result, I was able to secure my current role with Collective and I couldn't be happier. I owe it all to Jeff and the team at Jobdot. Thanks guys!"

  • "Pramod is in a league of his own - he's the anti-pushy, anti-salesy recruiter in a sea full of them. His approach is so human, personal, and refreshing! He always had MY best interests at heart, never pushed, and fully supported my opinions. In the year that I've worked with Pramod he's quickly become a friend to me who I simply confide in about my career dreams and his expertise makes them happen. In addition to being incredibly patient and attentive, he's also one of the easiest people to get along with. I used to cringe when I got calls from other recruiters, but Pramod's were always welcome, light-hearted and a smart use of my time. I can't recommend Jobdot and Pramod highly enough - this is hands down the only recruiting service to use."

  • "I worked with the Jobdot team in finding my current position. Adam had a thorough understanding of not only what I had done to that point in my career but, perhaps more importantly, what I was looking to do next. Jobdot's knowledge of the industry was invaluable in determining the right fit within the right company. Because of their experience and preparedness, I always felt confident with a solid understanding of the business and product offering when interviewing with potential employers. Furthermore, their professionalism and advocacy in the hiring process helped secure a compensation package that was both generous and fair. I highly recommend the Jobdot team and would gladly work with them again.

  • "Amanda's professionalism and understanding of her clients' need were instrumental in my placement at my current role. Her quick and detailed responses answered all my questions and ensured that the role was a great fit. In a field where open communication is not the norm, working with Amanda was as transparent and smooth as possible. Additionally, she and the team at Jobdot stayed in touch after placement, making sure the role was what we all thought it would be. An absolute pleasure to work with"

  • "In my most recent job search for a media sales position in San Francisco, I had worked with Jeff and his recruiting firm. He and his staff are extremely professional and personal at the same time. I was impressed with the level of attention in connecting me with the right next step. If you are looking for your next career move in the media sales industry, I highly recommend connecting with Jobdot."

  • "Pramod is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He truly cares about a person’s career and tries to match each candidate with the best opportunity for their goals and personality. He knows his clients very well and only works with reputable companies run by good people. He is the reason I landed a job that is perfect for me and one I enjoy very much. My colleagues that know Pramod have said the same thing previously stated. Unlike many other recruiters, he is not what one would call "transactional." Instead, he is focused on the end goal of doing what is best for job candidates. He also stays in touch with people and uses his knowledge of the digital media industry to give advice and mentor those he has worked with."

  • "I've worked with Adam as a candidate twice over the years. He's unlike any other media related recruiter I've worked with before in the past.
    His extensive expertise in digital media was crucial to my job search. He was able to portray the pros and cons of various positions and provide me with in-depth details prior to me even considering meeting with a potential employer. Adam has earned my trust and I would be happy to refer him to potential candidates and/or any employer looking to attract top media professionals.

  • "Amanda was my first point of contact at Jobdot and when she approached me about a job opportunity that she felt was perfectly suited for me. She was right! I have never been happier since being placed at Videology Group. Amanda is thoughtful, smart and direct. I knew from our very first conversation that I was in good hands, and that has been reinforced each day since I began my new role."

  • "I had the pleasure of working with Jeff over the past 6 months for a job placement initiative. Jeff was extremely accessible, knowledgeable and diagnostic in his approach throughout, and I immediately felt comfortable working with him. He is the first placement expert I had worked with that was able to read between the lines quickly enough to ascertain what partnerships made the most sense based on my interest level and needs. I will stay in touch with Jeff and would absolutely recommend him and the Jobdot team going forward."

  • "Pramod has an incredible work ethic and genuinely cares about people and their careers. He worked with me for almost 2 years to find the right fit for my next move. Even a month into the new job, he still keeps in touch to ensure job satisfaction. Pramod has been a vital ingredient to my career growth and I would not be where I am today without him."

  • "Accessible, thoughtful, direct and honest are just some of things that come to mind when I think of Jeff and the Jobdot team. When working with Jeff, I really felt as if he had my best interests in mind. He understands that recruiting isn’t selling a position or a candidate – it’s making the right match for the hiring company and potential employee. It’s a delicate balance that Jeff seems to understand on instinct and utilizes a great skill that is sometimes lost in our field…listening. Personally, I’m incredibly grateful to Jeff and his team. I take every chance I get to recommend him to my industry friends as the best out there. If you care about your career in digital media, he’s someone you should know."

  • "I was lucky to have had a career specialist as genuine and insightful
    as Pramod. I was passively considering my next career move when he
    initially reached out. Pramod took the uncommon approach of simply making a human connection with me. He invested ample time to gain a firm grasp of my goals - in life and in work. He was very selective on
    choosing which interviews I went on, demonstrating his full commitment
    to both his clients and prospective candidates. I've spoken with
    hundreds of recruiters over the years. Pramod was the first recruiter
    I ever accepted a position through. He is the ideal recruiter - and a
    terrific guy as well. If you are an employer or a potential candidate,
    I highly encourage you to reach out to Pramod. He will be one of the
    best (if not the best) recruiters you will ever work with"

  • "If you are looking for someone with Digital Advertising experience, then I highly recommend Jeff! He helped me worked through the process of what suits my interests and goals while trying to get a new job. Whenever I need more career advice or to pursue more opportunities, Jeff is the 1st to call and help me land a great position!"

  • "Jeff is absolutely wonderful to work with on all fronts! He assisted me in my quest for a new job and was extremely professional. Jeff provided me with all the information needed to make a great career move. It was apparent immediately that Jeff loves his job and genuinely cares about making the right (and smart) placement for each candidate. He took the time to understand what my goals and objectives were and in turn, provided fabulous contacts in the online media industry! I would recommend Jeff (and Jobdot!) in a heartbeat to any of my friends!"

  • "Jeff is very knowledgeable and an exceptional recruiter. In all my interactions with Jeff, he was very professional and outgoing. Jeff does not treat a candidate like a candidate; he treats them like a friend. I really enjoyed working with Jeff."

  • "If you're looking for new career opportunities in the Digital Ad Sales category, I highly recommend Jeff and his Jobdot colleagues. He's very connected to the Online Ad Sales community across the US, so he has inside access to high quality openings at reputable companies. He's also an ex-Digital Sales guy himself, so he has that perspective to help you negotiate an offer that fits your credentials and personal goals."

  • "I worked with Pramod to help me find a new position that would utilize my expertise. Pramod was professional, understanding and had fantastic follow up. He made me feel like I was an important client and worked hard to find me the best fit in terms of a new position. If you're in the market for a new job in the online industry, contact Pramod!"

  • "Jeff truly understands how your skills fit into the marketplace and meet the needs of employers. With his guidance I was able to get the position that fits my goals. I would highly recommend Jeff and believe he is an invaluable asset when you are looking to advance your career."

  • "Pramod is a pleasure to work with. I am confident that you will be in good hands, and I fully endorsed him if you need someone to speak with about job placements."

  • "Jeff encompasses all of the most important attributes when looking for a recruiter in the digital media space. Having come from ad sales, he simply 'gets it' and has a keen sense for matching a candidate with the right position. He is not interested in trying to fit a square peg in to a round hole, but rather genuinely cares about the career choices he consults his candidates on. I highly recommend him to hiring managers and to candidates looking to take their careers to the next level."