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    DSP, RTB, CPV… OMG! Just keeping track of the acronyms in this industry alone can be a challenge these days.


    Jobdot is completely immersed in the ever-changing digital media ecosystem and we are always in the know on its people, companies, technologies and innovations.  We have an intimate knowledge of the industry that only comes from having spent the past 12+ years in the industry.


    By knowing our clients and their value propositions as well as we do, we are in a unique position to understand the various opportunities within those companies and the exact qualifications necessary to make perfect matches across all divisions and at all levels – from entry level to C-level.

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    The emergence of the Internet has provided marketers with the ultimate advertising platform for…


    The emergence of the Internet has provided marketers with the ultimate advertising platform for delivering powerful and customized messages to the consumer combined with targeted, personalized advertising that is able to support bothbrand and direct marketing objectives.


    As consumers continue to shift their attention to emerging media, advertisers, agencies and publishers are concentrating their efforts on how to engage those consumers in digital environments. Despite the recent economic downturn, digital advertising revenues grew in 2011 and remained a cornerstone of many digital content and marketing strategies.



    While social media consumption has exploded over the past few years, it has taken marketers a little longer to determine how to best use this medium to reach their target audience in an effective manner.  Today, a social media strategy has become essential for most brands and there are an abundance of channels, platforms and tools that allow a consumer to actively engage with a marketing message.


    Advertisers now have the ability to make “social connections” with their customers.  The evolution of the phenomenon known as Facebook has significantly altered the way our world operates.  From brief status updates, news broadcasts, and the slew of business pages, there is something for everyone on Facebook.  It’s no surprise that marketing companies and advertisers are developing new and innovative ways to target messages, based on the overwhelming amount of data available — Apps, Likes, Sponsored Stories, and Polls are just a few ways marketers are reaching their audience on Facebook.


     Social Media Company Overview
    • Blog and Micro-blogging platforms
    • Social Networks
    • Apps and Widgets
    • Social Sharing platforms in video, photos, music, etc.
    • Social Gaming
    • Social Media production platforms
    • Social Media optimization services


    Online video is no longer experimental. It has become a necessary component of any major brand’s online marketing strategy. Broadband access has grown, publishers have responded with more video content and media platforms have enhanced their technology offering which has all led to online video finally reaching the point of critical mass. Consumers are viewing online video in the form of user generated content, TV, professional videos and downloading or streaming full-length movies. YouTube remains the dominant form of online video consumption but the landscape will change significantly in the next few years.


    Online video advertising spending is expected to jump sharply in 2012.  eMarketer predicts that of the $30 billion spent online in 2011, about $2 billion was spent on video advertising. The major advantage of online video compared to television is measurability. It’s hard to quantify how many people actually viewed a :30 second TV spot and it lends itself to creative executions that you simply cannot deliver through television.


    Online Video Company Overview
    • Premium publishers, video aggregators, content networks
    • Video ad networks, DSP’s and exchanges
    • Branded content distribution
    • Online video ad serving platforms
    • Connected & Targeted TV platforms and networks
    • Video analytics and measurement tools
    • Video search engines


    By definition, display advertising is graphical advertising that appears alongside content on the pages of web publishers. These advertisements are often referred to as banners and come in the form of standardized ad sizes, rich media, and sponsorship executions. Display accounts for nearly 31% of all online advertising spending. The display advertising landscape has changed dramatically since the first advertising banner appeared in 1994. Online display advertising initially emerged as the predominant online marketing vehicle in late 90’s and has undergone a great transformation over the past several years. There have been significant advances in technology that have allowed for display advertising to become increasingly more effective. Data-driven audience targeting, optimization and streamlined media buying platforms have all helped to improve the efficiency and manageability of online advertising. Marketers now have better access to inventory and more control over targeting and cost, which has resulted in improved ROI.


    Display Company Overview
    • Premium, mid-tail and long-tail publishers
    • Advertising technology platforms offering ad serving, rich media, creative optimization and ad verification solutions
    • Facilitators of the data-driven ecosystem, Agency Trading Desks, Demand-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms
    • Aggregators of inventory who offer audience-buying, vertical content and data-focused solutions
    • Data targeting suppliers, aggregators and data management platforms


    Mobile marketing is most easily defined as ads that appear on mobile phones or other mobile devices. These ads might appear as simple text messages (SMS), in rich media formats with graphics and images, mobile applications or even as streaming video.  Mobile marketing today is similar to where Display was in 1999 – evolving and new, with various limitations but with enormous potential for growth.


    Mobile devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their technology. Just when marketers got the hang of mobile marketing, the tablet came along.  Audiences on devices such as the iPad are growing and becoming more and more valuable to mobile advertisers, publishers and marketers.  Additional opportunities that mobile marketing allows for include an enhanced shopping experience, in-store and payment experience, mobile gaming and location-based applications and services.


    Mobile Company Overview
    • Premium publishers
    • Advertising technology platforms offering ad serving, rich media, and ad verification solutions
    • Mobile ad networks and WiFi networks
    • Facilitators of the mobile data-driven ecosystem; Agency Trading Desks, Demand-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms
    • Data targeting suppliers and aggregators
    • Mobile Applications, Location-based Services and App Stores